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My Approach

Holistic and intuitive, tailored and customized to you, your needs, your pace.

I’ll walk you through a journey of self-discovery and will provide you tools to boost self-confidence and gain headspace to run your business. 

Over the six months we’ll spend together, I'll lead you through a three-step process:

1. Clarify

We’ll dig into your story, explore your history, what has drawn you to where you stand today, what has shaped your beliefs, your fears, your inspirations...

We’ll analyze what holds you back and what prevents you from pushing your business to the next level.

We’ll shed a fresh perspective on your life to give you clarity and purpose.


At the end of this phase, you’ll be able to have a clear vision and understanding on your dreams, desires, needs, vision, purpose and goals.


2. Build

We’ll get crystal clear on your goals, we’ll define how they resonate with the values and dreams we identified in step 1, we’ll turn them into achievable steps that will help you reach your full potential.


During this phase, you’ll be able to create your roadmap and turn your ultimate goals into small manageable and achievable steps.

3. Thrive

Now that you’ve started to engage actions, acknowledge how far you’ve come, which changes you’ve implemented, which fears and obstacles you’ve overcome.


We’ll strengthen and reinforce the resources, tools and new beliefs system you’ve seized throughout the process.


This is the last step to help you feel grounded,
self-confident, and autonomous for long-term success. 


My goal is that you walk out of our sessions feeling empowered, confident, with a clearer perspective on your goals, and with an ambitious yet achievable action plan.

I work with people worldwide and I am fluent in English and French

My process

Here is what our journey together will look like:

Complimentary coaching session

First, a complimentary discovery call to understand your goals and dreams, assess your needs, provide you some tools and solutions to move forward and see if we are a good fit.


At the end of this call, you'll already be able to get clarity and perspective.


1:1 sessions


90-minute 1:1 sessions every week for 6 months via a video call

  • 90mn is the perfect timing for you to have space of mind, dive into exploration while staying focus and energized.

  • A session every week gives you motivation and focus on this journey of transformation. You'll never feel alone.

  • A six-month program is the perfect length for you to absorb, test and learn, and scale your business to the next level.

  • A video call provides you an intimate space for self-exploration while I hold the space for you to feel free, safe, heard and listened to.

In-between sessions

Custom resources and exploration tools in-between sessions to help you go further and get the most of our work together, so you can feel you make headway on your goals in between sessions.

My approach is tailored for you to feel creative, reflective and thoughtful; ready to take action-steps and craft the life you want to live.

Occasionally through the process, it might not feel easy, but I promise it will be worth the journey.


Customized surprises


As a bonus, personalized gifts sent throughout the program to boost you to move forward and dive deeper into your journey.

A surprise to support you through this challenging journey and help you explore and embody changes in your life. 

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