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About me


As a former VP Marketing & Brand Management with 10+ years experience in the Film & TV industry, I had the opportunity to work with wonderful creative talents and business teams worldwide.


I designed marketing strategies and campaigns for adventurous international shows. Overall in my career, I've contributed to bringing to life fifty films/TV shows.

Although I loved working for projects, I realized I craved for meaningful connections with people.


It struck me that even if there were coaches for almost every profession, creatives and "out of the box" entrepreneurs were mostly on their own, with no one to support and to advocate for them.

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I spent the past six years studying, training and practicing psychology, personal development, nonviolent communication and sociology to coach and empower Creative & Wellness Entrepreneurs to grow with authenticity and finally land their dream clients.


My Vision


Coaching takes patience and determination.

This is a wonderful gift to yourself: the gift to heal, to move forward with confidence, to fulfill your dreams and to express your true self in every area of your life.


Before we go any further - spoiler alert - I have no magic wand and no readymade solution to offer.

You hold your magic wand. I’ll guide you to see it and use it well.

Using my background in psychology, coaching and marketing, I’m here to support and empower you to manifest your potential and to align your life with what matters most to you.


My passion is to help you thrive and shine on your own terms and values in your business.

My Values



Open and mindful conversations so you could be who you truly are without fear or judgment.



Between your personal values (your desires) and your professional goals (your achievements).



I want you to feel joy and lightness along this process. Exploration is fun and hard: you’ll love it.



"Creativity is our true nature" - Julia Cameron. Let it shine through your life and help you embrace it from a different perspective.



Create a safe and nurturing space for self-exploration to empower you to move trough the process with



I want you to feel supported and safe to explore parts of your life you want to change. You're not alone on this journey.

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