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Thrive & shine

with authenticity


I’m Nathalie Rizkallah, a French Business Coach working between Los Angeles and Paris.
I help Creative & Wellness Entrepreneurs push their business to the next level.

What if you could:

Have more; A thriving business AND a fulfilling personal life...

Run a skyrocketing business, and still have fun at it...

Create healthier relationships with people around you...

Connect to your inner power to lead your business decisions...

Make a positive impact in the world...


Would you want all that for you?


Happy Stories

Over the time that I have worked with Nathalie, my business and my relationship to my work have completely transformed. As a composer and private lessons teacher in a new city, I was struggling to survive financially, run my lessons studio, and feel positive about my work.

So when I came to Nathalie, I imagined that she would give me some kind of a "recipe," rules or directions for how to succeed in my career. Instead, what Nathalie provided was so much deeper and more powerful - she showed me how to know what I truly want to cook, how to build the recipe, how to follow it, and how to revise it along the way.

I told her in our first meeting that my main goal was to take on more students so I could make more immediate cash. By the end of the session, her astute questions and observations led me to the realization that I actually wanted fewer students, and a more robust career as a composer.


Out of this initial revelation, so much new growth sprouted. At first, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of projects and directions my career could go if I allowed myself to dream honestly. Nathalie helped me organize my dreams into three branches, all connected on the tree of my creative career.

*I developed a plan for and started enacting a composition service of custom songs for people's life transitions, which has been more fulfilling and joyous than I ever thought was possible for paid work.

*I defined for myself the kind of composing I wanted to do for media projects, and what kinds of collaborators I wanted to meet.

*I planted seeds for meeting collaborators and sharing my work, and have gotten to enjoy the experience of these seeds blossoming into fruitful relationships and projects.

*I was able to create blocks of uninterrupted time for open compositional practice, and have been consistently making new work.

Because Nathalie helped me to understand my own value, I was able to completely overhaul my lessons practice - charging a fair rate, consolidating my schedule, automating payment, building healthy boundaries with students, and only working with people who returned the energy I gave out. I never thought I would have social media because I was too intimidated by it, but with Nathalie's support, I have created and maintained an instagram presence for my business and have made many new connections through it.


Nathalie kept her nuanced eye on my emotional strengths and challenges, helping me get to the root of the issues so that I could make lasting changes, rather than surface solutions. She taught me how to listen to and articulate my desires, how to appreciate my skills, and how to craft realistic goals and strategies to achieve them. I felt so deeply seen by Nathalie - she could read past my words to understand what I was saying with my tone of voice or body language. I left every session feeling more confident than when I started, and felt strong motivation in between sessions to stick with myself and my goals because I knew someone so wise and kind was on my team. Working with Nathalie was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself, and I am so grateful that I know her.

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Leslie, Interdisciplinary Composer & Somatic singing and composition Teacher

Los Angeles, CA - 

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Nathalie is godsend to anyone looking to start their own business.


Her consultations allowed me to realize the value of my services and helped me gain the confidence to find my footing as a first-time business owner.


Prior to working together, I was undercharging and lacked both knowledge and direction. Now, I have a well-oiled business model and a complete understanding of what I want for both myself and my clients.


I value Nathalie as both a mentor and a friend, and can't recommend her enough!

Sarah, Showrunners' Assistant / Script Analyst

Los Angeles, CA -

I started working with Nathalie at a moment in my life when I felt constrained by the expatriation choices we made as a family, and future prospects of having children. I couldn't see clearly where my own career and motivations fit in that picture.


Nathalie helped me to understand the motivations behind the choices I had made so far, and what I wanted to prioritize in the future. She gave me confidence to trust myself and my abilities. And I got my dream job 3 months later.

Working with her was truly life-changing. Yes, it can feel luxurious to pay someone to talk about one's problems, but the progress I've made and confidence I've gained in such a short time is worth it, beyond measure.

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Géraldine, Head of Environment at Business in the Community NI

Belfast (Northern Ireland)

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After my first session with Nathalie, I walked away and didn’t only feel like she understood me, but I felt like I understood myself a bit more. I was suddenly able to make a distinction between me and my feelings. Something I have never allowed myself to fully do.


I won’t lie, I walked in a little skeptical. I am a bit stubborn, and always figured I could “fix” myself, and that there was nothing anyone could do to REALLY help. But Nathalie instantly cracked through in a way I never could have imagined. She showed me a lot of light, and came at everything with such deep and eloquent insight, giving me confidence that one day I will unapologetically live out an authentic version of who I truly am inside.


Nathalie is incredibly talented, and has a gift when it comes to interpersonal connection.  In just one session, she was able to listen to my struggles, identify my specific needs and give me tools to begin healing myself right away. I finally feel like I have a starting point. We accomplished so much in such a small amount of time. I can’t wait to dive deeper into all of this with her. She is not only a life coach, but a healer. I have truly never met someone like Nathalie.

Kate, Freelance Illustrator & Motion Graphic Artist

Los Angeles, CA -

I met Nathalie as I wished to switch my 9-5 executive job for a freelancer career. Our sessions definitely helped me take the leap


I much appreciated her very professional and organized approach. Nathalie fueled me with enlightening resources such as books or podcasts and provided me tools to make headway in between sessions. She eventually shared hands-on advice to settle as a freelancer.


She was instrumental in helping me clarify what I was aiming for my career and what held me back

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Jessica, Founder & Creative Director, “Culturing Asia”

Phnom Penh (Cambodge) & Paris (France)

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Nathalie provides such a mindful listening and a sensitive support. She led me with kindness and understanding. She always made sure I’d expressed all my thoughts before making an intervention. Then she built on them to give me perspective or to investigate further.


She knows how to perceive unspoken thoughts and reveal them. Nathalie uses precise and carefully chosen words. She never imposed her opinion and helped me find the answers in me. I never felt judged.


Nathalie has a genuine care for people and a great understanding of the particular issues that women can face. Gifted people will find in Nathalie a guide to the height of their expectations.


I think that her coaching is particularly adapted to people ready for introspection and life-change.

Stéphanie, Ethic & Tech speaker

Paris (France) & San Francisco, CA


Ready to manifest your potential?

My goal is that you walk out of our sessions feeling empowered, confident and with a clearer perspective on what you desire for your business and how to get there.

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